How Many Discover Credit Cards are Available in the U.S.

Discover has a total of 7 types of credit cards in its card collections for USA customers. All Discover credit cards do not have any annual fee charges. The following are the 7 types of credit cards that Discover offers in the USA. 1. Cash Back Credit Cards Discover offers 3 types of cash back …

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Top Card Companies are Competing to Win New Customers with Balance Transfer Promotions in 2016

  • 04, 18, 2016
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The credit card industry has very fierce competition and it is not a new thing that top credit card companies are always competing to offer the best balance transfer deals to attract customers. Performing a search on this will return lots of

Best Bonus Offers For Travel Rewards Credit Cards February 2016

If you are in the market for a new credit card in 2016, and travel often, you should consider signing up for a credit card that offers a sign up bonus. These card offers usually come with a spending requirement to qualify for the rewards. Usually this requires you to spend a certain amount within …

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January 2016 Top Offers For Balance Transfers From Holiday Debt Overload

Heading into 2016, many of us have found that during the holiday season, we racked up a sizable debt load on our credit cards. The holiday season is often the most expensive time of year for most people. While the economy has arguably improved, many of us had to resort to breaking out the plastic …

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Is The Verve Credit Card Worth Applying For Read Our Review

If you have bad credit, chances are you want to repair that bad credit. To do that you will need creditors that are willing to work with someone, such as yourself whose credit has been damaged. You can accomplish this with a credit card meant for those with bad credit. The bad news is that …

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What Non-Profits Help Consumers with Credit Counseling

Credit unions, military bases, and universities operate credit counseling services that can help you manage your debts and improve your credit score. Not all financial counseling organizations labeled as not profit credit counselors are actually helping consumers. There are some, which may be out to get money from desperate consumers. The consumers struggling with below-stellar …

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Where consumers should turn if they get behind with their credit card

Although, credit card debt is less of a problem than it has been in ten years, it is still overwhelming many in the United States. According to the Federal Bureau of Accounting Standards, 2013 offers the best methods to overcome this debt in decades. If you are not aware, many credit card companies are now …

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Overspending In Pursuit of Reward Credit Card Perks Could Create A Financial Problem

Reward cards are beneficial in many ways only if they are used in the proper manner and a card holder maximizes the rewards. However, it can be at times tricky to be able to optimize the rewards and this means that you do not get the perks offered by the card issuers and stores where …

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Achieving Financial Independence In 2013 By Eliminating Debts

We all want to make moves to both eliminate or at the very least reduce our debt in the coming year. So how should you move forward with an effective plan that definitely will get rid of the mountain of debt for good. It primarily boils down to changing our mindset and behaviors when it …

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Will Your Credit Score Survive a Short Sale?

When the news about the new short sale policies from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac first broke out, it appeared to be a ray of hope for “underwater homeowners” – particularly the ones who had not missed a single payment on their mortgage in spite of the huge drop in the market value of their …

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