How Many Discover Credit Cards are Available in the U.S.

Discover has a total of 7 types of credit cards in its card collections for USA customers. All Discover credit cards do not have any annual fee charges. The following are the 7 types of credit cards that Discover offers in the USA.

1. Cash Back Credit Cards

Discover offers 3 types of cash back credit cards that allows you to redeem cash back while shopping. Discover it card is a cash back card that offers 5% of cash back in rotating bonus categories for up to $1,500 and 1% cash back on other purchases. They will match the cash back earned during the first year at year end if you are a new member. Discover it card features 0% APR for 1 year on both balance transfers and purchases before the normal variable APR will apply. It charges a 3% fee every time you transfer an amount into the card. Discover it NHL card offers the same cash back and introductory period features as Discover it card but you can customize this card’s design with the logo of your favourite NHL team.

Discover it Gas and Restaurant card is offering 2% cash back for the first $1,000 that you spent at purchasing gas at local gas stations or dining at local restaurants. Other categories of purchases will be eligible for 1% cash back. It is up to the cardholder to redeem any amount of cash back at anytime they want. Just like the other 2 cash back cards, it comes with a 1 year introductory period in which no interest will be applied on the amount you spent with the card.

2. Travel Credit Card

Discover it Miles card is a travel credit card that allows you to earn miles when you buy air tickets at an airline, book a hotel room or other types of travel expenses. You earn 1.5 miles on each purchase that is made with the card and the miles can be redeemed at anytime. You can redeem any amount of miles you accumulated over a period of time with any type of travel expenses. Discover it Miles has a 1 year introductory period that is interest free on all your purchases.

3. Student Credit Cards

Discover offers 2 types of student cards including Discover it chrome for Students and Discover it for students. Discover it chrome for Students card offers a 2% cash back when you buy gas or dine at a restaurant while Discover it for Students offers a higher cash back rate of 5% for purchases in quarterly rotating categories.

4. Secured Credit Card

Discover it secured credit card with a minimum collateral of $200, that will be used as your credit line. The $200 security deposit is refundable when you terminate the card. You get to earn 2% cash back for gas purchases at a capped spending of $1,000.

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